What we offer

Dual Career


The Dual Career Program would like to help partners of our new hires get started in professional and private matters. GlobalStock/iStock

In connection with pme Familienservice, we also offer what is known as the Dual Career Program, which focuses on partners of new hires and initially supports them in professional and private matters. For example, we assist in the search for suitable work and free time activities as well as with administrative matters.

Partner assistance is provided by trained educators and social workers. In addition to German and English, pme Familienservice also provides support in other languages: French, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

We Offer the Following Occupational Support Services:
Individual consultation in finding employment as quickly as possible
Assistance with administrative matters (e.g., obtaining a residence permit, work permit or certification for professional qualifications and academic degrees)
Identifying research possibilities as well as special issues within the German and the northern German job markets
Active assistance in searching for work, including within pme's own network of over seven hundred firms, some of which operate internationally
Support in the Private Realm
Support in searching for suitable recreational activities
Individualized information and advice on different care models with respect to special characteristics of the German decentralized education and care systems
Assistance in locating child care in private or pubic schools, which focus on language acquisition and socialisation possibilities for children and adolescents
Support in locating tutors
Support with application and registration procedures

The advisory and agency services are free of charge for all HZG employees. Subsequent costs of care are to be covered by the employees themselves.